Elite Capital Partners (ECP), is a natural extension to the leadership learning and development services we have been delivering to many of the most successful growth companies in the sector for over 20 years.

ECP is an investment management and advisory business for firms that are planning an exit or capital event in the next 1-5 years. ELITE Capital Partners (ECP) has its own FCA regulated investment network for smaller transactions and one of the most extensive networks of Private Equity investors with a specific interest in the recruitment sector for larger transactions. The ECP management team is one of the most experienced in the business and our network of acquisitive companies in the sector is second to none.

Over the past 20 years the ECP partners have created over 50 capital events for stakeholders in businesses across the recruitment and Human Capital Services sector realising over £0.5Bn in shareholder value.

ECP engages through a seminar and advisory forum that delivers strategic guidance and fund raising services. We work with groups of CEOs and senior directors up to maximum size of 10 non competing businesses in a programme that is a mix of 1-on-1 consulting sessions and quarterly group meetings.

For further information, please call us on: 0844 993 4465

or email: info@eliteleaders.co.uk