Needlestack Consulting

Needlestack Consulting was formed in 2013 with a single mission in mind.  To assist recruitment businesses to select, implement and operate the most appropriate technology for their own businesses. Several existing Elite members are past and current clients for the services we provide, and we are grateful for their continued support. It is all explained on video at this link.

CRM Consulting

Most of what we do relates to recruitment CRM systems implementations. We assist in the definition of requirements, assessment, selection and then when the vendor is chosen we remain involved through data migration, configuration training and ultimately, live deployment.  Our role is to help you make high quality decisions, based on your own business or data realities using 25 years plus experience in the industry. 

Power BI

We have launched a series of Power BI reports specifically for recruitment agencies.  Each report is directly connected to the host CRM and other data sources giving deep insight into your business data allowing you to focus where the value is and identify the inefficiencies. These reports monitor various data types for revenue, activity, targets and compliance and each is produced bespoke for all  projects we work on. Your data, your way.

Training Video Production

We regularly produce demonstration and training video material for our clients to assist them with systems roll outs and changes to business process. Some examples for our partners www.securedsigning.com are shown HERE

APPS & Chat Bots

We also have close working relationships with suppliers of mobile Apps & web Chatbots and will be bringing more information to the market for this in 2022.


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