Leadership is all about the ability to show up and allow everyone around you to step forth.

Molly Harvey

On Thursday 4th April our Elite XL team enjoyed another superb seminar, this time from Molly Harvey.

Internationally recognised, Molly leads corporations and their people to a whole new level of leadership and has been described as “a motivational speaker who can help people do what most of us imagine is a gift bestowed only on the Richard Bransons, Tony Blairs and Paul McCartneys of this world; she can help people visualise”.

‘Seconds Away from Outstanding Leadership’

We live in a world that is changing as fast as a mouse click and the old models of leadership are dead.  It is time to empower everyone in the organisation to be leaders.

A no-nonsense, thought provoking approach combined with speaking from the heart granted Molly a gift. The gift of making the complex simple and has allowed her to become recognised as a Leading Authority on Leadership and Cultural Transformation.

Molly will share practical strategies on how you can improve 1% per day over 30 days and you and your organisation will break through to a whole new level of leadership in these uncertain times.

This masterclass will equip you with tips and strategies on how you can step back and ask the three questioning approach that will take your leadership and business form good to outstanding.

Learn how to break any agreements that have been made with mediocrity and replace them with stability and excellence.  Learn what the new people currency is in Business.

You will leave with practical tips, ideas and strategies that can be implemented immediately.  You will have learned practical tips on how you can stay focussed as leaders and let go of the distractions around you discovering the 3C’s of 21st Century Leadership.

This masterclass is interactive, thought provoking and challenging.  Molly’s insights to leadership and business are clear, simple and extremely powerful.  They will help you take your business, yourself and your people to a whole new level of thinking.  As Sir Eric Peacock once said “Molly has a rare gift of asking challenging, insightful questions that enable leaders to have light bulb learning”

By speaking to corporations around the world such as Bank of America, 3M and Santander together with over 500 other leading organisations worldwide, a key part of Molly’s experience is the ability to question and provoke audiences to think differently about the way they work and live.