Being productive, truly productive, has become harder than ever.  We are encouraged to ‘get stuff done’ to ‘be and stay connected’ and simply ‘work smarter’. But it doesn’t appear to be working; we run faster, we get stressed and we question the point of it all while still the ‘to do’ list lengthens and the in-box fills.

A big thank you to Nicholas Bate for his fantastic workshop on Deep Productivity. This was a truly productive session that not only gave real insights into how to be more effective at work – but in the rest of your life too. Enjoyable, instructive and memorable – this was one of those rare sessions where the questions at the end could have easily gone longer than the workshop itself.

Nicholas Bate has been successfully teaching simple, effective productivity principles for two decades; the ideas have evolved to deal with the ever–increasing demands of a digital, 24 by 7 and ‘no guarantees’ New World of Work.  His ideas give you the powerful combination most of us are seeking: success (as you define it) with freedom. 

The Goal
Is to give you the thinking, knowledge and tools to become remarkably productive: defined as getting the RIGHT things done across all areas of your life including career, health, personal finance, relationships and fun.

The Style
It’s a high-energy session: fast-paced and 100% practical, pragmatic and action-based.  Enjoy the delights of no PowerPoint, succinct, structured support materials for your personal notes and a careful selection of support materials for you to take away.