29 / Jun / 2015

The single biggest decision we make which effects the performance of the individuals, team and ultimately the business is who we recruit into the team (at every level). My experience over the last 10 years of working with businesses in the UK and abroad (including many recruiters), to help them develop and deliver extraordinary results through excellence in people and service, is that best practice involves taking 50% longer than everyone else when selecting individuals. Though that is best practice, it is not common practice in recruitment, despite obviously being expert recruiters for others, as we not investing that extra 50% to get under the skin of individuals and follow a comprehensive selection processes which covers all bases. Last week I spent an hour with the CEO of a fast growing recruitment business who, having set up 2 years ago, now has a team of just short of 30 and has yet to lose anyone. The output – shareholder value, high levels of productivity, faster growth.      Published by Gordon Stoddart June 29th 2015