Growth. Evolution. New technologies. No matter how large or small your recruitment business, we understand what you’re up against. We’re here to support owners and senior managers to achieve more, sooner.


Three vital elements make up what we do. This is how we advance your business and turn it into what you’ve been working for all along.

Elite XL

Elite XL has been tailored to benefit Elite members whom are business leaders of large corporations and are looking to make their next big step out of their current business. Our members are equipped with ongoing support and expert advice from the UK’s top industry leaders as well as our Board Members, alongside funding to help with their exit.

Out of only a dozen of recruitment companies being sold last year in the UK, Elite Leaders were able to assist three Elite XL members in selling their businesses in multi-million-pound deals.

Elite Leaders

We understand that the majority of our member’s main goals, whatever the size of their business, is to find effective ways to increase their workplace productivity and in-turn increase turnover and profits.

That’s why we will develop and share ways to manage your business more efficiently and help you gain the confidence to get more involved with your clients and discover opportunities that were previously hidden. Through support and consultations from our industry experts and Principals, members learn how to become a better leader through behavioural change and improved communication.

Elite Future Leaders

Our Elite Future Leaders membership is tailored to prepare our members to become the recruitment industry’s next generation of leaders. We keep a keen eye on the industry’s horizon, and with the support from our Principals, advisers and other members will equip the next generation with how to deal with upcoming pressing issues as well as long-term issues.

On top of this, we provide members access to a fun, motivational peer-to-peer learning group to enable a collective learning experience that will lead to more innovative ideas.

In addition to our three main membership groups, Elite members have access to tailored consultancy services from our Principals and experts, alongside learning from our impressive guest speakers and their peers in other recruitment companies.

You’ll find our bundle of consulting, support, peer learning and networking to be more valuable than paying for those services individually. Our Principals are available to answer questions by email or WhatsApp too. That level of service is priceless in a swift-paced industry like ours.