08 / Mar / 2018

Elite Leaders have teamed up with the International Women’s day  #PressForProgress campaign to highlight the need for diversity and celebrate their role in the recruitment industry .


Launching a series of messages throughout the day, Elite Leaders are focusing on the number of women associated with the organisation.


Download: International Womens day recruitment


Tara Ricks, one of the Elite Principals comments “I am proud to represent an organisation that uses women to help recruitment owners grow their businesses.  The recruitment consultants within a business look at their directors and owners to see who they surround themselves with.  That is why the representation via an organisation that values the input of women is vital.”


John O’Sullivan, chair and principal was quick to point out “not only do we have Tara as a principal, but the vast majority of experts who we recommend are women too.  I think it is essential that recruitment owners work with membership organisations and consultancies that are supporting of women.  Not only is it morally the right thing to do, but it also makes business sense.  But as males we should also call out misogynistic behaviour.  It’s sad that we even have to point out that all the male principals and experts at Elite Leaders are fully supportive of diversity and equality.  But we do, and they are.”


Elite Leaders is a consultancy service, underpinned by a membership organisation.  Members attend a series of events, workshops and seminars throughout the year and receive consultancy sessions from their choice of Principal and expert.  We currently have over 25% of their membership as female owning, run or operated recruitment businesses.