10 / Apr / 2017

Conferences really do change the way we think sometimes! Ask us how we know!

On Wednesday 5th April Elite Leaders held its annual conference for Elite Future Leader members and a range of guests. The whole event was aimed to inspire our guests to think differently, and equip them to be better recruitment leaders using some special innovations.

What happened at Elite Future Leaders Conference 2017?

We were pleased to welcome two excellent guest speakers – the infamous Greg Savage who flew all the way from his home in Australia, and the true Aussie Steve Carter who also heads up the Elite Squared team.

These guys really know the recruitment business, and one of the things they highlighted was the issue of the slightly inhuman perception the recruitment industry carries. To deal with this, they helped us understand the real meaning of social recruitment (and no, it’s not about flooding LinkedIn with invitations). Let’s face it, recruitment is all about people, and social … well … that’s all about people too! A happy coincidence? Maybe not.

A different way of thinking about recruitment

We also looked at how influential individuals (that’s all of us in the business) should be leading by example, regardless of title – think big and you’ll be big – and how marketing can unlock the keys to success in recruitment today. In case you’re wondering, those things are connected. At a nano level.

Greg and Steve might be big guys in the recruitment arena, but they haven’t got to where they are without breaking out of the usual mould. These two mavericks brought us the type of advice that might get you working outside of your comfort zone initially, but they let us know what not to do, too, and their takeaway was that relying on active candidates and job boards is now a failing strategy. If you want the best people, you have to make like a mole and unearth them.

Aside from all the fantastic learning and ideas, we all had a lot of fun engaging on social media, with top prizes given to the companies with the best engagement!

Want to know what was won?

Top Prize – A round of golf at Swingers Golf London went to Intapeople for the best tweets of the day

Second Prize – a bottle of Moet went to Cherry Pick People for taking and sharing some fantastic photos

Third Prize – Hotel Chocolat Easter egg was awarded to the team from Understanding Recruitment for using an apple as a prop ( … you had to be there)!

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